What you get

3 videos with with instructions and exercises   

✔️ "Structure and Plot"

✔️ "World Building"

✔️ "Character"

Plus two bonus videos!

49 USD / 309 DKKR

This online course has three instructional videos on the most important aspects of writing sci-fi and fantasy short stories


Each video has a writing assignment and suggestions for short stories that you can read as supplementary material that exemplify what I discuss in the video.

I also have two bonus videos to help you with some of the practical applications of the course, and to give you a brief overview of the publishing process for short fiction. 

Once you have entered the course you also get the chance to purchase a personal feedback from me for a text of up to 5,000 words and take you writing to a whole new level!



Claire Bartlett

Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Stories

 - An Online Creative Writing Course in English


with Author Claire Bartlett

Claire Bartlett. Instructor. CPH: School of Creative Writing


Claire Bartlett is a writer of English-language short and long fiction, primarily fantasy and science fiction.


Her debut novel WE RULE THE NIGHT (2019) was a critical success in the young adult world, and called one of the best novels of 2019 by Publishers Weekly.


She is also the author of THE WINTER DUKE (2020) and THE GOOD GIRLS (2020).


Her short stories have appeared in numerous speculative magazines, podcasts and anthologies, and a full list of her work can be found at her website:




Claire originally comes from Colorado, USA, but left at eighteen and traveled to many places before settling in Denmark for good. Her favorite pastime is learning all about strange histories that she can use in her work.



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