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How to Change the World: Creative Writing in an Era of Political Turbulence

Creative Writing Workshop in Copenhagen, Oct. 24-25, 2020

Billede. Nyhedsbrev. Anders Lustgarten.j

  Anders Lustgarten  

The world is changing around us extremely fast, and it would be strange if your writing didn’t adapt with it.


Political writing is a brilliant challenge. You have to master the same components as any other great story—character, narrative, plot—but also find a way to say something important in a surprising way.


Studying the rudiments of political writing will not only help you to understand how to make your writing bigger and bolder and engage with the larger scale structure causes of things, it will also open your eyes to how to use power dynamics to drive a good story forward.


In this workshop we will use newspaper stories, role plays and even music to help free you from the tyranny of the blank page and give your story roots and power from the real world. And it’ll be fun too. 


The workshop welcomes writers of all genres: prose, playwrights - as well as writers of television and film.

The workshop and the discussions will be in English, so in order to get feedback on your work from Anders, you will have to write your workshop texts in English as well. 


Even though some writing experience is welcomed, you will still get at lot out of the course, if you are new to writing fiction.  

Max 12 participants.

The creative writing workshop takes place at Kvarterhuset, Jemtelandsgade 3 in Amager, Copenhagen on the 24th and 25th of October from 9 AM to 5 PM both days.


Full catering included (vegetarian and vegan options available). 

Instructor: Anders Lustgarten

It is also possible to pay the workshop in two or three installments when selecting payment method. 

Meet Your Instructor

Anders Lustgarten has had over a dozen professional stage productions since becoming a full time writer in 2013, at theatres including the Royal Court Theatre Downstairs, the National Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company.


He has been described as “Britain’s foremost political playwright”, if you believe the Guardian. His play Lampedusa was produced at the Husetsteater in Copenhagen in 2017 to excellent reviews.


He is also writing film and TV projects for companies including Kudos and Warp. A graduate of Oxford University and the University of California-Berkeley,


Anders is a hugely experienced teacher who is currently Lecturer in Playwriting at Manchester University. 

Price: 3645 DKK 

Includes full catering both days